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Exclusive Chairman Screening of the Documentary
Matter of Heart
Meet & join the Chairman, first-team staff and other special guests for a 2-course-meal and an exclusive Q&A session at Bradford City´s Valley Parade on 
Thursday 16th November at 7pm!
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Exclusive Screening!
Book a 2-course-meal and take part in an exclusive Q&A session with the Chairman Edin Rahic, the first-team staff and other special guests in The McCall suite at Valley Parade on Thursday 16th November for a special viewing of "Matter of Heart". 

You can get your copy of the DVD signed by Edin Rahic and hear an exclusive insight from Edin and those inside the club, whilst enjoying a top quality two-course meal. Click YES to add this to your order now for just £47! (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)
Reserve your seat at the exclusive screening & Q&A-session to listen to the behind-the-scene story of Bradford City´s new owner´s in their first season!
In May 2016 Stefan Rupp and Edin Rahic became the first German owners of a British football club, when they completed their takeover of Bradford City. Due to restrictions in Germany preventing private ownership of a football club, the pair eventually found their spiritual home in West Yorkshire.  

'Matter of Heart' answers the question as to why the German businessmen chose Bradford, and provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into their dramatic first year in charge. 

From losing their manager to a divisional rival, to coping with the departure of the club's talisman, this documentary demonstrates the unique challenges faced by Rupp and Rahic during their first year at the helm.  

With culture clashes, backroom divides and the pressure cooker environment of professional football, this film details the highs and lows of The Bantams' breathtaking campaign.  
What makes it so special!
A Matter of Heart offers everything a captivating real-life documentary needs:
Football, business and loads of emotions.

Two Germans live a dream. With many sleepless nights. They have bought an
professional English football club of League One, with an ambitious goal: The Premier League.

You will get the chance to look behind-the-scenes. This is the first time, that a whole season of the Bradford City Football Club is covered, getting an insight, of all the challenges Stefan and Edin were facing in their first season. You get a deeper inside about the owners values and vision. 

And finally the employees and fans let us experience at first hand their view with respect to the new Charimen during Season 2016/17. You will get the deepest emotional insight of all the people, who live with their club, fearing, hoping and sympathizing with all the decisions of the two Germans owners.
meet the MEN behind the Club
Stefan Rupp and Edin Rahic
The highlight of this worldwide unique story: The two Germans are the antithesis to the greed in the English football Eldorado. They want to reach their sporting and economic goal with a completely different concept than the mega-rich competitors.

Two walking through thick and thin!

And we will get the chance to observe this nerve­‐ wrecking road to the top. Together, the football­ expert and the self-made-­entrepreneur want to lead their “matter of heart” to success.

Commercially solid, reliable and down­‐to-earth. Albeit being in the middle of a financially poisoned football world full of money by oligarchs, sheikhs or Chinese investment funds.
Do you want to meet Chairman Edin Rahic and his team? Do you want to join a 2-course-meal including an exclusive screening with a Q&A session? Then secure now one of the last seats available! 
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We as a club are so proud of our unbelievable fan and supporter base and we want to give you something back, by letting you witness our life and our daily business in the club, our emotions, our ups and downs. We thought the best way to do that, is via this DVD! That´s why we, as a club, bought the DVD for you (you just pay a little fee for Shipping & Handling), so you can watch it and keep it for ever!
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Do you want to meet Chairman Edin Rahic and his team? Do you want to join a 2-course-meal including an exclusive screening with a Q&A session? Then secure now one of the last seats available! 
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